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1806, October 8 Harrison to Capt. Daniel Bissell Military Matters at Fort Knox 198
1806, November 3 Annual Message to Second Session of the First General Assembly at Vincennes 199
1806, November 17 Harrison to August Chouteau Introducing Capt. James House 200
1806, November 27 Burr to Harrison Explaining his purpose in going to Mexico or New Orleans 200
1807, January 12 Waller Taylor to Harrison Burr's expedition 201
1807, February 12 Report of a committee of the House on petition to bring slaves into Indiana territory 202
1807, March 7 John Gibson to James Madison enclosing laws of the assembly at their second session List of stationery 203
1807, March 23 Petition from Randolph county Illinois Appointment of a Justice of the Peace 204
1807, April 3 Harrison to Williams Concerning Davis Floyd and Aaron Burr 205
1807, April 12 Harrison to Secretary of War Unfavorable reputation of Jouett 207
1807, April 16 Harrison to Captain William Hargrove Ranger service 208
1807, April 21 Harrison to Hargrove, Scout Duty 209
1807, April 29 Harrison to Hargrove, Scout service 210
1807, May 4 Michael Jones to Harrison Murder of Gabriel Unsafe situation of Ducoigne and his people 211
1807, May 10 Harrison to Hargrove Ranger service [[Page:Messages and Letters of William Henry Harrison Vol. 1.djvu/Expression error: Missing operand for +.|21340]]
1807, May 18 Harrison to Colonel Menard Concerning the protection which the United States guaranteed the Kaskaskia Indians Murder of a Kaskaskia Indian 213
1807, May 19 Harrison to chiefs of the Kickapoo tribe Desires to speak to them concerning the Kaskaskians 215
1807, May 22 Harrison to Hargrove Ranger service 215
1807, May 23 Harrison to Secretary of War Murder of a Kaskaskia Indian At loss to know what to do with the banditti of Creeks 216