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1808, January 27 Harrison to Secretary of War Indians' refusal to move Asks for the President's view 281
1808, January 30 Jefferson to Harrison Difficulties between Harrison and the French 282
1808, January 30 Jefferson to Mcintosh Loyalty of the French at Vincennes 282
1808, February 18 Harrison to Secretary of War Hostilities of Indians Assemblage of Potawatomies near Ft. Wayne reported by Wells 283
1808, February 20 Secretary of War to Harrison Attitude toward Indians Answer to Harrison, Feb. 18, Has neither signature or date 284
1808, February 27 William Claus to Lieut. Gov. Francis Gore Attitude of Indians 285
1808, March 25 William Claus to Lieut. Prideau Selby Concerning Indian Situation 287
1808, April 11 House report Divide Indiana territory 288
1808, April 14 Harrison to Secretary of War British activity among the Indians 289
1808, May 3 William Claus to Prideau Selby The Prophet and other Indians 290
1808, May 19 Harrison to Secretary of War Unlawful acts of the Shawnese Prophet 290
1808, June 24 Prophet to Harrison justifying themselves Governor's reply assuring them of his good faith 291
1808, July 6 Proclamation Ordering an election of territorial representatives in the counties of Randolph and St. Clair 295
1808, July 12 Harrison to Secretary of War Concerning the speech from the Shawnee prophet Trouble with Osages 295
1808, July 16 Harrison to Jefferson Concerning John Rice Jones 296
1808, August 1 The Prophet to Harrison Concerning his relation to Harrison 299
1808, August 15 G. Hoffman to Harrison Death of John Campbell, Indian agent, and the appointment of another Indian agent 301