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This page needs to be proofread.

the camp occupied by the army under the command of gov- ernor Harrison, on the night between the 6th and 7th of No- vember, 1811, is entirely correct. The spot for the encamp- ment was selected by col. [Marston] Clarke, (who acted as brigade major to general Boyd,) and myself. We were di- i-ected by governor Harrison to examine the country up and down the creek until we should find a suitable place for an encampment. In a short time we discovered the place on which the army encamped, and to which it was conducted by us. No intimation was given by the Indians of the v^ash that we should encamp there, nor could they possibly have known where the army would encamp until it took its position. The only error in the above extract is, in saying that major Clarke and myself were sent back, by which it would appear that the army retrogaded to take up its encampment; this is not the fact, the army filed off in front of the town at right angles to the Wabash to reach its encampment. It has ever been my belief that the position we occupied was the best that could be found anywhere near us, and I believe that nine-tenths of the officers were of that opinion. We did not go on the Wa- bash above the town, but I am certain that there was no posi- tion below it that was eligible for an encampment. Waller Taylor Harrison to Secretary of War Head Quarters Near the Prophets Town Nov. 8th 1811 Har. Pa. SOS Sir I have the honor to inform you that the dawn of yesterday terminated an action between the Troops under my command and the whole of the Prophet's forces. Their precipitate re- treat leaving a number of the warriors dead on the field and the subsequent abandonment of their Town (which was par- tially fortified) attest for us a complete and decisive victory. It has however been dearly purchased — a number of brave and valuable men have fallen victims to their zeal for their country's service. The behavior of both regulars & Militia Troops was such as would have done honor to Veterans. I arrived at my present position (a mile from the Town) on the evening of the sixth Instant. A correspondence was im-