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[This Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesty's Government.]


Printed for the use of the Cabinet,December 1916.



[To be returned to the Secretary, 2, Whitehall Gardens, S.W.]


Minutes of a Meeting of the War Cabinet held at the War Office on Saturday, December 9, 1916, at 11.30 A.M.


The Prime Minister (in the Chair).

The Right Hon. A. Bonar Law, M.P.

The Right Hon. the Viscount Milner, G.C.B., G.C.M.G.

The Right Hon. the Earl Curzon of Kedleston, K.G., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E.

The Right Hon. A. Henderson, M.P.

In attendance:

The Right Hon. Sir E. Carson, K.C., M.P., First Lord of the Admiralty.

The Right Hon. the Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.M.S.I., G.M.I.E., Permanent Under Secretary of State, Foreign Office.

Admiral Sir J. R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., First Sea Lord.

General Sir W. R. Robertson, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O., Chief of the Imperial General Staff.

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir M. P. A. Hankey, K.C.B., Secretary.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. Dally Jones, Assistant Secretary.

Office of the War Cabinet.1. The War Cabinet decided that their offices should for the present be at Montagu House, which up to now has been occupied by the Shipping Control Committee, and was about to be transfered to the Ministry of Munitions. The Secretary was instructed to place himself in communication with the Office of Works with a view to the immediate transfer of these or other convenient offices to the War Cabinet at the earliest possible date.

Secretariat.2. The War Cabinet discussed the advisability of strengthening the Secretariat of the former War Committee by the addition of a civil side. The question was adjourned for further consideration.

Greece.3. The War Cabinet discussed a telegram, dated the 6th December, 1916, received by His Majesty the King from the King of Greece, and approved, with slight alterations, and subject to the concurrence of Mr. Balfour (who was unable to attend the meeting), a draft reply submitted by the Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Copies of the telegram from the King of Greece and the reply are attached. (Appendix I.)