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Book V. That the Laws given by the Lcgifla- tor ought to be relative to the Principle of Government.

Chap. I. Idea of this Rock, 58

Chap. II. What is meant ly Virtue in a polii.

Stale, ibid.

Chap. III. What is meant ly a Love of the R,

in a Democracy, 50

Chap. IV. /// what manner the Love of / ..y and

Frugality is infpired, 61

Chap. V. In what manner tic Laves eftabUJb Equality

in a Democracy, 61

Chap. VI. In v:lat mc.nner the Laves ought to main tain Frugality in a Dcmocrc 66 Chap. VII. Othei cds cf favouring the Principle

of Demo era 68

Chap. VIII. / thel.. >^ht fobs

relative to the Principle of Government in an Arijlo-

cracy, 72

Chap. IX. /;; v:hat manner the Laws are relative to

their Principle in Monarchies , 78

Chap. X. Of the expedition peculiar to the execu:

P cbies, 79

Chap. XI. Of the Excellence of c. Go-

vern/nent^ So

Chap. XII. The fame Subjeft continued^ S ^

Chap. XIII. An idea of dsfpotic Power^ ibid.

Chap. XIV. In ivhat manner tbe La-ivs are r\

to the Principles of dejpotic Government* ibid. Chap. XV. The fame Subjett continued, 90

Chap. XVI. Of tbe Communication of Power, 93 Chap. XVII. Of Prefers, 94


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