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                  16              THE MONTHLY 
                  conscientious in those which immediately relate to
                  man? Is it to him that you would look for a
                  pattern of every social and domestic virtue, of ho-
                  nour, benevolence, and integrity, as a man of pro-
                  perty or professional engagement; ----of rectitude,
                  veracity, and assiduity as a tradesman, -—of industry
                  and conscientiousness as a workman,---of fidelity as
                  a servant--of sobriety and diligence as the head or
                  subordinate member of a family, of kindness as a
                  husband, of affection and prndence as a parent, or
                  of dutifulness and obedience as a child? To look
                  for such qualities in combination with gross sab-
                  bath-profanation, and with habitual neglect and con-
                  tempt of the appointed ordinances of the sanctuary,
                  would obviously be to seek for light in darkness,
                  virtue in vice, life in death.
                             THE SEASON, IN THE COUNTRY.
                  Sheep-shearing, one of the great rural labours of
                  this delightful month, if not so full of variety as
                  the hay-harvest, and so creative of matter for those
                  "in search of the picturesque" (though it is scarce-
                  ly less so), is still more lively, animated, and
                  spirit-stirring: and it besides retains something of
                  the character of a rural holiday, which rural
                  matters need, in this age and in this country, more
                  than ever they did, since it became a civilized and
                  happy one. The sheep-shearings are the only
                  stated periods of the year at which we hear of
                  festivities, and gatherings together of the lovers
                  and practisers of English husbandry; for even the
                  harvest-home itself is fast sinking into disuse, as a