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           24                    THE MONTHLY
           under a Mozart, might perhaps in time become very interesting in her
           way. But to compare her essays to the finished talent of the mocking
           bird, is in my opinion, quite absurd.
             Chiltren Hundreds. --The Steward of the Chiltren Hundreds
           is a nominal office, with a salary of. Twenty Shillings, which
           may be said to be nominal also, for it is, we believe never paid. A
           member of Parliament cannot resign his trust simply; but he may lose
           it by committing a crime, or accepting an office from the Crown, and
           the Stewardship alluded to is an office of this description.
             Tea Drinking--There is now living in Advocates Close, High
           Street, a woman of the name of Mackintosh, aged 95, who says she has
           herself used a quarter of a pound of tea every week since she was 2
           years of age, so that she has consumed the enormous quantity of 97
           pounds weight, amounting, on an average of 6s per lb., to £292 10s
           The duty on tea is 100 per cent., she has paid to government the sum
           of £146 5s for that article. This is a good customer. She deserves a
           pyramid to her memory in Canton!
                                 GARDEN WORK IN JUNE.
                 Continue to plant cabbages, cauliflower, and savoys, for
               a late crop. Plant out leeks and brocoli. Transplant
               celery, endive, and lettuces, and sow sallad seeds every
               eight or ten days. Sow full crops of turnips, both yellow
               and white; also field turnip, white, green, red, and
               Swedish. Sow beet, red, white, and green, in drills, above
               an inch deep, and ten or twelve inches distant. Half
               beans and pease; top the former, and stick the latter.
               A few of the early kind of each may be sown the first
               second week for the latest crop. Gather and dry sw
               and pot herbs as they come to bloom. Train wall tr
               and espaliers. Secure young trees against wind, and
               water them in dry weather. Mow grass walks in the
               morning, before the dew is off. Clean and roll grass
                       JUNE 1st. ho. m.          JUNE 30th. ho.
          Sun rises,..............3  53
          ----sets................8  7    Sun rises,........3
            All Twilight,-- no real       ---sets,..........8
              night during the whole
              of this month.
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