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Method.—Well wash the kale, cut away any worm eaten pieces, and tie it into small bunches. Put it into boiling water, salted in the above proportion, and let it boil quickly until tender. Take it out, drain, untie the bunches, and serve with plain melted butter or white sauce, a little of which may be poured over the kale. Sea-kale may also be parboiled and stewed in good brown gravy; it will then take about ½ an hour altogether.

Time.—25 minutes. When liked very thoroughly done, allow an extra 5 minutes. Average Cost, in full season, 9d. per basket. Sufficient, 12 heads for 4 or 5 persons. Seasonable from February to June.

Sea-Kale (Fr. chou marins).—This plant belongs to the asparagus tribe, and grows on sea shores especially in the west of England, and in the neighbourhood of Dublin. Although it is now in very general use, it did not come into repute till 1794. It is easily cultivated, and is esteemed as one of the most valuable esculents indigenous to Britain. As a vegetable, it is stimulating to the appetite, easily digestible, and nutritious. It is so light that the most delicate organizations may readily eat it. The flowers form a favourite resort for bees, as their petals contain a great amount of saccharine matter.

1604.—SORREL, PUREE OF. (Fr.Purée d'Oiselle.)

Ingredients.—3 lbs. of sorrel, 1 oz. of butter, 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls of either gravy or cream, flour, salt and pepper.

Method.—Pick the sorrel, remove the stalks, then wash it well, changing the water frequently. Put it into a saucepan with as much water as will barely cover the bottom of the pan, sprinkle with salt, and cook gently for about 20 minutes, turning it over, and pressing it down repeatedly with a spoon, in order to equalize the cooking. Drain well, rub through a fine sieve, put the purée into a stewpan, add the butter, cream or gravy, season well with salt and pepper, and stir over the fire for 8 or 10 minutes, dredging in gradually a little flour until the purée acquires the desired consistence, then serve.

Time.—About 45 minutes. Average Cost, 3d. per lb. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons. Seasonable, in best condition from May to October.

1605.—SPANISH SALAD. (Fr.Salade Espagnole.)

Method.—Peel a large Spanish onion, cut it into very thin slices; with this mix a finely-sliced cucumber and 6 firm but ripe tomatoes, also cut into slices. Season with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, and sprinkle some finely-grated Parmesan cheese between each layer. Garnish with stoned Spanish olives, and serve.

Average Cost, 1s. 6d. to 2s. Seasonable at any time.

1606.—SPINACH, BOILED. (Fr.Purée d'Epinards.)

Ingredients.—3 lb. of spinach, 1 oz. of butter, 1 tablespoonful of flour, salt and pepper.

Method—Pick off the stalks, and wash the spinach in cold water until free from grit. Then put it into a saucepan with about a level tablespoonful of salt and just sufficient water to cover the bottom