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Napoleon now took hold of the reorganization of France with great energy, but in May, 1803, war again broke out between France and England, and the First Consul made elaborate preparations to invade England. While preparing for invasion he was crowned Emperor of the French on December 2, 1804. Before the plan against England could be carried out, Russia and Austria began hostilities, but the alliance was broken by the victory won by Napoleon at Austerlitz on December 2, 1805, and peace was signed at Presburg. The next year, 1806, there was war with Prussia and Russia. Napoleon won the Battle of Jena, October 14, entered Berlin, October 25, and issued the Berlin Decrees declaring a continental blockade against England on November 21. On February 8, 1807, he fought with the Russians the doubtful Battle of Eylau, and on June 14, the decisive Battle of Friedland. The Peace of Tilsit followed, on July 7. In 1808 Napoleon attempted to take possession of Spain, but before the conquest was complete Austria declared war. The campaign of Wagram in the spring and summer of 1809 subdued the Austrians. In December of 1809, Napoleon divorced Josephine, by whom he had ceased to hope to have an heir to the throne, and in April, 1810, he married the