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Mexico, but owing to some, now inexplicable, cause, were lodged for a night at this inn, two or three centuries ago, and have never yet got farther on the route of their original destination. The shed in front of the house being previously occupied by the other travellers, my baggage was disposed in two parallel lines in the road, and, in the middle of this, at one end, was placed my bed: two of the muleteers being stretched on the ground, at the other end, and my servants disposed of as they thought proper; for I had so much doubt of their honesty as to induce me to believe myself as safe without, as with, their protection. In this exposed state, I took the precaution, in addition to my pistols, to put my sword in the bed with me, and, to save trouble against an opportunity when trouble might be most conveniently spared, I laid it by me ready drawn.

Thursday, 28th, by ten o'clock, we had travelled six leagues, and had a good Spanish breakfast at Dos Caminos, at the house