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Classes. Sub-Classes. Totems.
Kubatine A Bulkoin (a) carpet snake (1), flood-water (2)
Bunda (b) native cat (3), white eagle-hawk (4)
Dilebi B Baring (c) turtle (5), lightning (6), rock carpet snake (7)
Turowaine (d) bat (8), black eagle-hawk (9)

Making use of the diagram as an illustration, we have the following result. The letters are attached to the names in the table, the numerals attached to the totems being made use of in the next chapter.

Diagram II
m. Aa
m. Bb
m. Ab ...  ... f. Ab

This shows that the child takes the class name of its father and that sub-class which with his represents his class Kubatine.

The line of descent is therefore in the male line, being thus in strong contrast with all the tribes having four sub-class systems which I have enumerated.

Tribes which have the same class system extend over a considerable tract of country between the Kaiabara and the coast. Mr. Harry E. Aldridge obtained particulars of their class systems many years ago, and also enabled me to show their positions on the map which faces page 58.

Their sub-class names are the same as those of the Kaiabara with slight differences due to local dialects. In the following example the two class names are given, thus

  1. Jocelyn Brooke.