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Soirindri.   (Seeing the braid) Yes, now it is well made. O! My sister, this part is made somewhat bad; the yellow does not look well after the red colour.

Saralota.   I wove it by observing your braid.

Soirindri.   Is the yellow after the red in that?

Saralota.   No; in that the green is after the red. But because my green thread is finished, therefore I placed the yellow after that.

Soirindri.   You were not able, I see, to wait for the market-day. I see, my sister, every thing is in haste with you. As it is said, "Hurry (Hari)[1] is in Brindabun; but as soon as the desire rises, there is no more waiting.[2]"

Saralota.   Oh! What fault have I committed for that? Can that be got in the market? At the last market-day, my mother-in-law sent for it; but that was not got.

Soirindri.   When they write a letter this time to my husband's brothers, we shall send to ask for threads of various colours.

Saralota.   Sister, how many days are there still remaining of this month?

Soirindri.   (Laughingly) On the place where the pain is, the hand touches. As soon as his[3] college closes, he shall come home, therefore you are counting the days. Ah! my sister, your mind's words are come out.

Saralota.   I say truly, my sister; I never meant that.

Soirindri.   How very good-natured our Bindu Madhab is! His words are honey. When we hear his letters read,

  1. Hari: Another name of Lord Krishna, king of Brindaban. He is a mythological god of the Hindus—Ed.
  2. This is only a quotation explaining, by an example, the eagerness of the mind when the desire is once excited. (This occurs as a verse in the original, and is an utterance of Sri Radha, the beloved of Lord Krishna. A great and worthy portion of Bengali literature is devoted to the treatment of the love between Lord Krishna and Sri Radha—Ed.)
  3. His: This pronoun "his" refers to the husband of Saralota.