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This page needs to be proofread.

10 s. XIL AUG. 21,


Viscount Mordant. Stanton. S.

Earl of Lindsey. Towting-beck. S.

Earl of Falmouth. Twickenham Park. M.

Probably the ' List of the Nobility ' was compiled after the ' Index Villaris,' which is a laborious work giving the latitude and longitude of "Cities, Market-Towns, Parishes, Villages, and Private Seats."



NOTWITHSTANDING the care taken in reading the proofs of my work, errors have crept in.

On p. 297 it is stated that Ebsworth was married to the eldest daughter of the Rev. William Blore. This should be Blow. Ebsworth had in his drawing-room a very fine life-size portrait in oils of his father-in- law, now in the possession of Mrs. Ebsworth's nephew. Mr. Arthur Hill of New Bond Street tells me that one of Blow's nephews, the Rev. William Blow, Rector of Layer Breton, Kelvedon, Essex, was a wonderful amateur violinist.

Among other friends of ' JST. & Q.' who have kindly given me information as to mistakes is W. C. B., who tells me that the second name of " John Crutchley Prince " (p. 294) should be Critchley. He also notes that on p. 303, 1. 11, " birthday " should be marriage.

The reference in the Index to Miss Mar- tineau and the Penny Post belongs to Charles Wentworth Dilke, not to his grandson Sir C. W. Dilke.

Mr. Richard H. Thornton writes : " * Martyr Charles,' in the Church of the Evangelists, Philadelphia, is not on a window - pane (p. 298), but painted on panel or canvas, for I have seen him there."

J. R. Lowell, in 'A Fable for Critics,' says that Cowper (see p. 63) rimed (or rhymed) his name with " horse-trooper."

In The British Weekly of the 1st of July, under the ever- welcome * Rambling Remarks ' which " A Man of Kent " contributes weekly, the statement on p. 314 that De Quincey was a writer in MacphaiVs Eccle- siastical Journal is doubted. It would be interesting to have this confirmed, and perhaps some reader may be able to do this. Mr. Axon in The Bookman considers it to be not improbable, although it has escaped De Quincey 's biographers, " as the Opium - Eater's sympathies were al with the Established Kirk in the Great Disruption." Mr. Axon suggests that "i somewhere there is a marked copy of the

Journal it might reveal unknown essays >f that prince of magazine writers."

1 wrote to Mr. Alexander W. Macphail, he son of the founder of the Journal, to ee what information he could give me, and he tells me that " the evidence I have is >his. When a boy, I heard my father epeatedly state that De Quincey wrote a <?ood deal for the Journal, and I distinctly emember his describing the quaint little man's appearance, which with his retiring nanner always put him in mind of a Metho- dist preacher of the old school." Mr. VEacphail " also recollects that his father had a considerable portion of De Quincey's MS.,- which was given away in pieces to admirers as a loving memento of the great British essayist."

The friends of Ebsworth will be interested o know that a white marble cross now lenotes his resting-place in Ashford Ceme-

ery. Upon the base of the cross is placed
he following inscription 

In affectionate remembrance of Margaret, the- beloved wife of the Rev. Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth,. M.A., F.S.A., and daughter of the Rev. William 31ow, who died on the 18th of April, 1906, aged

Also of the Rev. Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth, who died on the 7th of June, 1908, in the 84th year of his age. He most generously, without fee or reward, devoted twenty-five years of his life to the Ballad History of England, and to him we owe the com- plete collection of The Roxburghe Ballads. I know that my Redeemer liveth.

The grave chosen by Ebsworth for hia wife is situated in the most lovely part of the beautiful cemetery at Ashford, Kent, within a few yards of the pretty country sunken road.

I take this opportunity to express my grateful thanks to 'N. & Q.' friends for the kind letters they have written to me in reference to my book. These I shall always, keep and treasure. JOHN C. FRANCIS.

May I be permitted to point out one- or two unnoticed errata in the very excel- lent ' Notes by the Way ' ? I do so in no spirit of carping criticism, but merely to render more correct a work that I feel 1 will be a standard book of reference in the future.

On p. 242, 1. 12, for " living of Bunmahon should be substituted " curacy of Monksland,. Bunmahon."

On p. 311, 1. 20, 1859 should be 1869.

The name of Dr. William Maginn,. although occurring twice in the text, does- not appear in the Index.

I should be glad of any biographical facts regarding the Rev. Dr. Doudney, the curate*