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ii s. ix. MAY 9, i9H.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. No. 228.

NOTES :-Old Painted Glass at Maldon, Essex, 361 Schiitte's Law and ' Widsith,' 362 Birmingham Statues and Memorials, 363 The First Dutch Courants, 364 Hood Memorial Column at Butleigh Last Criminals beheaded in Great Britain Roping the Bride 'Chaucer's Prioress Higginbotham in Carlyle's 'Crom- well,' 365 Tree Lore of the Nigerians, 366.

QUERIES : Dame Mary Fleming, 366 The Younger Van Helmont, 367 Royal Descents Napoleon Upside Down Liverpool Reminiscences, 368 -Lieut. Richardson McVeagh " Blood - boltered "Sir Richard Bernie J. Aprice : W. Baker : J. Collyns : J. Cook : T. Davys "Among the blind the one-eyed man is king" Daniel Goostry Rev. Ferdinando Warner, 369 Dawe's Por- trait of Goethe "Peacock without Temple Bar" Touchwood Biographical Information Wanted Walter de Lechlade Irish Wills and Registers, 370 Price and Whitchurch Families, 371.

HEPLIES : Kendrick of Reading, 371 Anno Domini Heraldic Bird Name Cromwell's Illegitimate Daughter Mrs. Hartop "An honest man and a good bowler" John Douglas Hallett, 372 Rhubarb Sir Stephen Evance Sir R. D. Henegan Pluralities Milo as a Surname Both well Light Brigade at Balaclava Authors Wanted " Balloni," 373 Fresh Wharf Duchess of Bolton " Secre- tary at War "Parishes in Two Counties, 374 Opera Pass Briefs Pallavicini Heart - Burial Cardinal Ippolito <Iei Medici Register of Deaths of Roman Catholics J. Swinfen Leyson Family, 375 Maids of Honour under the Stuarts Goethe : St. Philip Neri Inigo Jones- Shakespeare and the Warwickshire Dialect, 376 Phil May Sir William Wilson, 377.

NOTES ON BOOKS : ' Art ' ' The Archaeological Rambles of the Upper Norwood Athenaeum ' ' Capitals of the Northlands ' ' The Antiquary ' ' Chats on Old Brass' ' Quarterly Review' ' Nineteenth Century.'

OBITUARY : Sydney Herbert.

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IT may be of interest to note the rescue and preservation at Maldon of some sixteenth- century heraldic glass.

When in July last, reporting upon ancient painted glass in Essex to the Royal Commis- sion on Historical Monuments, I visited the Plume Library and school building at Maldon a brick edifice tacked on, in place of the fallen nave and chancel, to the tower of St. Peter's Church by Archdeacon Plume, D.D., in the seventeenth century I found fragments of Tudor heraldry in the last stage of decay in a boarded-up window at the east end.

There were bits of blue glass ; yellow fleurs- de-lis ; scraps of yellow lions on ruby ; a fragment of a royal crown which had been substituted for the lost second quarter on the dexter side of the shield (II.) below described ; another royal crown, quite per- fect ; pieces of a chaplet ; and, best of all,

an almost perfect shield of Henry VIII. impaling the arms of Jane Seymour.

The Vicar of All Saints-with-St. Peter's, the Rev. L. Hughes, most kindly assented to my suggestion that these fragments many of which were cracked and in danger of falling from the broken lead work should be collected and pieced together, and so reset in plain glass as to reproduce as far as possible the original designs.

When put together the fragments showed : (I.) The very fragmentary remains of a shield of France and England quarterly, ensigned by a royal crown. (II.) The impaled shield of Henry VIII. and Jane Seymour, already mentioned, bearing, Per Pale : dexter 1 and 4, France (modern) ; 2, lost ; 3, England : sinister Quarterly of 6 : I, Or, on a pile gu., between 6 fleurs-de-lis azure, 3 lions of England (augmentation of honour granted by Henry VIII. to the Seymour family) ; 2, Gu., 2 wings conjoined in lure or (Seymour) ; 3, Vair (Beauchamp of Hache) ; 4, Arg., 3 demi-lions ramp. gu. (Esturmy) ; 5, Per bend gu. and arg., in bend 3 roses counterchanged, seeded or (Mackwilliam) ; 6, Arg., on a bend gu., 3 leopards' faces or (Coker).

It will be noticed that the coat of Mack- william in this shield differs from its usual form as it appears in the fine display of Mackwilliam heraldry in the east window of the chancel at Stambourne Church, Essex. There, and also in the Visitations of Essex, it is arg. and gu., not, as here, gu. and arg. That this variance was intentional on the part of the glass painter, and not an accident arising from erroneous leading-up, is clear from the fact that the dexter side of the white field of the sixth quarter is on the same piece of glass as the sinister side of the Mackwilliam coat in the fifth quarter, the dividing line between the two quarters being indicated by a broad band of brown enamel. The perfect royal crown I placed above this shield.

As the fragments of green chaplet were not more than sufficient to make up about one- half of a chaplet of the kind usually found in similar compositions, I put it all, with a red rose on the dexter side, in the chaplet otherwise modern plain white 'glass round the impaled shield.

The crown (with the exception of a small fragment) above shield (II.), arid the whole of its fragmentary chaplet, had of necessity to be plain white glass ; for no attempt was made to substitute modern painted glass for lost parts. Nevertheless, in a case like this, where one knows from other examples fairly