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of Capt, Loyall. Gov. Childs and some of his staff accompanied us to the suburbs of the city and then stopped and bade us good-bye. At this moment we stopped and gave him, Gov. Childs, three rousing cheers which made the hills back of Puebla echo. The Governor acknowledged the corn with a smile, taking off his cap, and again said "good-bye, my brave men; I rgegret that I cannot go down with you." Here he was again loudly cheered with the utmost enthusiasm, waving our old torn banners, and throwing our caps and straw hats in the air, I never saw men in so enthusiastic humor. He appeared to be much pleased with the reception and applause of the men he once so well commanded.

We then marched on until we arrived at Amozoquco. Here we encamped for the night. Gen. Lane and the cavalry who accompanied us to this town returned to Puebla.

On our march to-day one of our officers was thrown from his horse, the horse making his way to Puebla. One of our Mexican lancers, belonging to the spy company, who happened to be with us, gave chase and captured him with his lasso, and had him turned over to the owner.

To-night one of our men got his throat cut from ear to ear.

Tuesday October 26, 1847.—This morning we left Amozoquco, and marched by company all the way through the pass, in sand up to our ankles.

At 10 o'clock we halted at a small villeta (borough) named Iturbide, this side of the noted pass, El Pinal. Here we learned from the Mexicans, that our gallant friend, Gen. Santa Anna, was at the Pass with two thousand troops; we of course were not much alarmed about the two thousand Mexicans, so we moved cautiously through the Pass, without seeing anything of the enemy. We kept marching on until we arrived at the hacienda San bar Tola, here we halted for a short time and received a treat from Col. Black, after which we agreed to march on. Passed two small towns, and went into camp at Napaluco. Our company had the luck to get into a small church.