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&c." The last named place lies eastward of Angmering, and is now perhaps not even a hamlet. If the above sentence means, that a church ever existed there, it is the only notice of the fact, which I have found. It is said, that Ecclesden was the property first of Fescamp Abbey, afterwards of Sion Nunnery; wherefore it may be probable, that one of those religious establishments erected a chapel for the benefit of their tenants. On the western side of the parish of Angmering Roman remains, such as a bath, &c., were discovered in 1819. (Horsfield's Sussex, II, 141.)

10. Appledram.—In the (Nonæ Roll) the "Parochiani Prebendarii " of this place are named. It is now only a perpetual curacy.

11. Ardingly.—The church comprises chancel, nave with south aisle and porch, and square western tower. The chancel wall and the northern one of the nave are of uncertain date, the masonry being rubble. In the chancel are a piscina and an ambry, both having hood mouldings, Dec., if not E.E. Near the priest's door is a small Dec. window with a transom. There is a rich Dec. oaken screen. A north door has been closed. The tower seems to have been partially rebuilt, the arch and west window being Perp. Like several other churches of the district this has no stair turret, the ascent into the tower being in such cases by ladders variously contrived. The porch is of wood, retaining some ancient timber. The church contains some Dec., some Perp., windows. Effigy, a female, of stone, under a Dec. arch. Brasses: on a Perp. altar tomb,—Rich, and Eliz. Wakehurst, and 1464; respecting which see Suss. Arch. Coll. II, 311. Rich, and Marg. Culpeper, 15 09 ; Nich. and Eliz. Culpeper, ten sons and eight daughters, 1500 and 1510; Eliz. Culpeper, 1633; Eliz. Culpeper, girl, 1634. (Horsfield's Suss. I, 259, 260.)—In this parish, in a fine situation, stands Wakehurst, a mansion of the Elizabethan age, but of which part has recently been pulled down. According to Horsfield it was erected by Sir Edw. Culpeper, A.D. 1590.

12. Arlington.—The church contains a piscina. "At the south side of the churchyard formerly stood a chapel, which however has long been removed. Part of the foundation remains; and within the memory of man there was remaining a considerable portion of the walls. It is supposed to have been the chapel attached to the manor and prebend of Woodhorne. . . . About two miles north-east of the church, in a low and thickly-wooded district, stand the remains of Michelham Priory." (Horsfield's