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1779), that the common ancestors of the Earl of Westmoreland and of Vane Earl of Darlington came from Monmouthshire, and for some time were all styled Vane. The first in the pedigree, described as of Kent, was a younger son, who flourished temp. K. Hen. VI, being called of Hilden in Tonbridge, in which neighbourhood he seems to have owned from the beginning, or speedily to have acquired, extensive property, which was augmented by his descendants, Collins asserts (ut sup. 219) that John Vane of Tudely Esq. ("in Hen. VIII's reign" is a manifest error, for Hen. VII, as proved by the subsequent statement, that he deceased A.D. 1488,) was the earliest of the family, who assumed the name of Fane. According to this account therefore as a personal designation the name Pane was known first in the county of Kent, where however that, as a local one, it had already existed for 400 years at least, we have the sure authority of Domesday Book. The genealogical history certainly, instead of confirming, appears to invalidate the supposition of a relation between the family and the place entitled Fane. Such a relation however is still far from impossible, though it may date long anterior to any surviving document or tradition. The first Vane occurring in the Peerage pedigree is alluded to as "living before the time of William the Conqueror, as may be computed;" so that the original settlement of the family in Monmouthshire is lost in obscurity, and there is no impracticability of an individual, even at such a distant period, migrating from the eastern to the western side of our island.—Badsell in Tudely was added to the large possessions of the Fanes by the marriage of .Richard, said by Collins (ut sup. 219) to have been the second son of the above named John Fane of Tonbridge, with Agnes, heiress of Henry (not Thomas, as in the Peerage, iii, 223) Stidolf (or Stidulf) of Badsell, which estate Henry Stidolf's father Thomas had obtained by espousing Marion, the heiress of John Badsell. These facts remain recorded in the following inscription on the memorial in Tudely Church of George Fane (son and heir of the above mentioned Richard) and his wife Joan Waller. "Hie jacent Georg' Fane et Joane Waller uxor ejus Filius et Heres Ei Fane et Agnes Filie et Heredis Hen Filii et Hered' T. Stidulf et Marion Badsell Filie et Hered' John' Badsell qui Ge' obit 4 die Fe 1571 et Jo Waller 6 De 1545."

124. Farningham.—The roodloft stairs remain at the north-east angle of the nave of the church, and form the means of ascent into an interior gallery. These stairs are an evident addition to the E.E. wall, probably when the tower was erected, and Perp. windows inserted.—At the Red Lion inn here a part of the old house, at the back, and facing westwards, retains a remarkable barge-board, rich and elegant. The points of the carved work terminate in trefoils, and the ornamental border to the inner edge of the board bears some resemblance to the tooth moulding.

125*. Fawkham.—Only chancel, nave, with south porch of timber, and small timber shingled bell-turret over the west end. From small roundheaded windows, remaining, and closed, the walls may be Norm. Other windows are Dec. insertions, containing some very small portions of coloured glass. There is a piscina of unusual type, double, with a central shaft, each division cinqfoiled, and a quatrefoil over the shaft. The inner width of both divisions is only 20⅛ inches. The pointed canopy is crocketed, but mutilated. Dec., probably early. In the north wall of chancel is an E.E. tomb arch, the grave slab apparently entire. On the latter stands a large iron-bound oak chest, in shape resembling a rude coffin. In south wall of nave is a mutilated Dec. tomb arch. Door ancient. Porch Dec.

148*. Hartley.—Chancel, nave, modern south porch, and shingled bell-turret over west end. In the usual position of the piscina is a large plain arch,