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Notes to Kent.

venerit, Ricardus Canutus, persona ecclesie beate Marie de Legha, salutem in Domino. Noverit universitas vestra me divine pietatis intuitu, dedisse et concessisse et hac presenti carta mea confirmasse Galfrido clerico, filio Benedicti de Teppehese, cum assensu Johannis Canuti, militis, ejusdem ecclesie patroni, capellam de Bitteberge, habendam et tenendam cum omnibus pertinenciis suis, in puram et perpetuam elemosinam, quamdiu vixerit, reddendo inde annuatim matrici ecclesie quatuor solidos sterlingorum ad festum Sancti Laurencii. Sustinebit autem predictus Galfridus clericus omnia honera capelle predicte tarn in libris quam in ornamentis et aliis necessariis. Et ut hec donacio et concessio rata et firma permaneat huic scripto, cum sigillo prefati Johannis Canuti, sigillum meum apposui. Hiis testibus, Willielmo Capellano de Speldherst Magistro Holland de Rog’ Willielmo fratre suo Willielmo de Rog Roberto de Nortune Capellano Edwardo Capellano Ricardo persona de Penesherst,” &c.

“To all the faithful (servants) of Christ to whom this present writing shall come, Richard Canutus, parson of the church of St. Mary of Leigh (wishes) health in the Lord. Know all of you, that I, by the inward motion of divine piety, have given and granted, and by this my present deed have confirmed to Walter, clerk, son of Benedict de Teppehese, with consent of John Canutus, knight (?), patron of the same church, the chapel of Bidborough, to be possessed and held, with all its appurtenances, in pure and perpetual alms, as long as he shall live, by paying therefrom, yearly, to the mother church four shillings of sterling money at the festival of St. Laurence. But the said Walter, clerk, shall sustain all the burdens of the said chapel, as well in books as in ornaments and other necessaries. And that this donation and grant may remain good and firm, I have to this writing set my seal, with the seal of the aforesaid John Canutus. These being witnesses,” &c. &c.

This seems to be the nomination, by the parson, that is, the rector, of Leigh, with the consent of the patron, of a certain Galfridus, or Walter, to the chapelry of Bidborough. The deed is not dated; but, from comparing the names occurring therein with those mentioned in connection with the first institution of a rectory (see above), as well as with the foundation of a chapel at Penshurst, as related in the Note on that place, it appears to belong to the early part of the thirteenth century; the parties concerned being the same who were engaged in the two transactions just alluded to. Probably this is the first appointment