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occupant under the proprietor, Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, held a wide tract of country here, comprising many contiguous parishes. The evidence of (Reg. Roff.) fully confirms the identification of Bogelei. It is there (116) stated, that temp. Archb. Anselm, Lanfranc's successor, Eudo the sewer, "dapifer," gave the tithe of "Buggele" and "Merile" to the church of Rochester; and elsewhere (410) "Buggeli" is said to be in the parish of "Boctune," i.e. Boughton. We also find the "cantaria de Burley" in Boughton Malherb mentioned in (Val. Eccl.); though a chantry in the parish church only may be thereby intended: and the result of my researches induces the conjecture, that in other instances, as well as possibly in this, a manorial chapel was, in process of time, removed to a neighbouring church, of course usually, if not always, that of the parish, and merged in a private chapel or chancel there. For which matter see the Note on Poynings, Sussex.

35. Borden.—Under the title of Borden (Val. Eccl.) contains the following entry: "Item, a chappell and xii acres of glebe land in the same parish, called Chesilheld." With the last name I am totally unacquainted, neither is any information respecting it to be obtained in the place. It is known that a property once existed in Borden under the above appellation, but the situation of it cannot be ascertained. At Sutton Barn or Baron (Sutton Bam, according to Hasted,) foundations of two Roman buildings and 35 Roman coins were discovered in the autumn of 1846; Roman bricks having been found there in 1695, by Dr. Plot, to whom the estate then belonged. See (Journal of Brit. Archæol. Association, No. 13, 68, 69.)

36. Boresfield.—This church has utterly vanished, and the parish is now incorporated in that of Otterden.

37. Boughton-under-the-Blean.—(A. D. 1291), "Ecclia de Bocton cum capella." Herne Hill was originally but a chapelry to this Boughton, and in the same record we have "vicarius Ecclie de Harnehelle ;" so that the first entry may, most probably, refer to one of the chapels named below, not to that of Herne Hill. Formerly there were two chapels here, one near the west end of Boughton-street (which is at some distance from the church, A. H.) dedicated to the Holy Trinity, mentioned in a will of 1489, which "was pulled down within memory to mend the road," and the site of which is that of the (old) poor-house. The other was in "South-street," where was a house called "Chapel House." An hospital for lepers was