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At its 27th meeting, on 27 March 1946, the Council adopted a proposal that the Iranian representative should be asked to".. . appear at the Council so that we may hear his point of view concerning the question of postponement requested by the representative of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ..." and invited the representative of Iran to take a place at the Council table.

Adopted by 8 votes in favour (no further voting took place).

At its 28th meeting, on 29 March 1946, the Council decided to request the Secretary-General to ascertain at once from the Governments of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Iran, through their representatives, the existing status of the negotiations between them, and particularly whether or not the reported withdrawal of troops was conditional upon the conclusion of agreements between the two Governments on other subjects, and to report to the Council on 3 April 1946.

3 (1946). Resolution of 4 April 1946

The Security Council,
Taking note of the statements by the Iranian representative that the Iranian appeal to the Council arises from the presence of USSR troops in Iran and their continued presence there beyond the date stipulated for their withdrawal in the Tri-partite Treaty of 29 January 1942,[1]

'Taking note of the replies dated 3 April of the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics[2] and the Iranian Government[3] pursuant to the request of the Secretary-General for information as to the state of the negotiations between the two Governments and as to whether the withdrawal of USSR troops from Iran is conditional upon agreement on other subjects,

And in particular taking note of and relying upon the assurances of the USSR Government that the withdrawal of USSR troops from Iran has already commenced; that it is the intention of the USSR Government to proceed with the withdrawal of its troops as rapidly as possible; that the USSR Government expects the withdrawal of all USSR troops from the whole of Iran to be completed within five or six weeks; and that the proposals under negotiation between the Iranian Government and the USSR Government "are not connected with the withdrawal of USSR troops",

Being solicitous to avoid any possibility of the presence of USSR troops in Iran being used to influence he course of the negotiations between the Governments of Iran and the USSR,

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