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L. S. NO. 2 TO GAZETTE NO. 17/2002

L.N. 59 of 2002



(Made under section 42 of the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (Cap. 509) subject to the approval of the Legislative Council)

1. Commencement

This Regulation shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by the Commissioner for Labour by notice published in the Gazette.

2. Interpretation

In this Regulation, unless the context otherwise requires—

“display screen equipment” (顯示屏幕設備) means any display screen which shows letters, numbers, characters or graphics, regardless of the display process involved;

“user” (使用者) means an employee who normally uses display screen equipment as a significant part of his normal work;

“workstation” (工作間) means an assembly comprising—

(a) display screen equipment;
(b) any chair, desk, work surface, printer, document holder or other item peripheral to the display screen equipment; and
(c) the immediate working environment around the display screen equipment.

3. Application

(1) This Regulation applies to all workplaces in which display screen equipment is used for or in connection with work.

(2) This Regulation does not apply to or in relation to the following—

(a) display screen equipment that is used mainly to show pictures, television or films;
(b) drivers’ cabs or control cabs for vehicles or machinery;
(c) display screen equipment on board a means of public transport;
(d) portable systems not in prolonged use;
(e) calculators, cash registers or any equipment having a small data or measurement display required for direct use of the equipment; or
(f) window typewriters.