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Home Made Wines


To five gallons prepared cider add one quart spirits, three-quarters of a pound of raisins, three quarts good sherry, and a few drops oil bitter almonds (dissolved in alcohol). Let it stand ten days, and draw it off carefully. Fine it down, and again rack it into another cask.


Twelve pounds chopped raisins, three gallons soft water, one pound sugar, one-half ounce white tartar, two quarts cider. Let them stand together in a close vessel one month; stir frequently. Then add one quart of spirits, one-quarter pound wild cherries bruised. Let them stand one month longer and fine with isinglass.


Take two quarts of brandy, and put it in a large bottle, adding to it the juice of five lemons, the peels of two, and one-half a nutmeg. Stop it up and let it stand three days, and add to it three pints of white wine, one and one-half pounds of sugar. Mix it, strain it twice through a flannel, and bottle it up. It is a pretty wine, and a cordial.