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Length 16 inches, extent of wings 35; bill 1 along the ridge, 1+14 along the gap.

This species is referred to the division Astures of the genus Falco.

The Pig-nut Hickory.

Juglans porcina, Mich. Arbr. Forest. de l'Amer. Sept. t. i. p. 206. Pl. 9. Pursh, Flor. Amer. vol. ii. p. 638—Monœcia Polyandria, Linn. Terebinthaceæ, Juss.

Leaves pinnate, with seven, five, or three ovato-lanceolate, smooth leaflets, attenuated at both ends; male catkins filiform; fruit globose; nut small, smoothish, very hard. The leaves on the twig represented in the plate are not serrated on the edges, although they are generally so in this species. This, however, is merely an occasional variety.