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Orphee aux Enfers.


Plu. Hail to the master of heaven and earth!

Jup. Enough, enough! I dispense with the formula.

Plu. How he looks at me. Has he any suspicions? Let us flatter him. I must find his residence agreeable.

Jup. What have you been doing for the last two weeks?

Plut. I have been inhabiting the sombre lower regions. There we do not inhale, as here, odors of—

Jup. Not so, sir! You have been residing in the suburbs of Thebes.

Plu. What!

Jup. And you have taken advantage of your power to abduct, through death, a woman from her husband.

Plu. I, my lord?

Jup. Dont deny! I know all.

Plu. It is not true.

Jup. Silence! When I speak, you must keep silent!

Plu. My lord!

Jup. I am not used to discussion. Before me all tremble! (Murmurs.) What is this?

Plu. It don't seem as if these were cries of obedience or enthusiasm.




To arms, gods and demi-gods!
Put down that tyranny!
This government is fastidious?
No, more nectar: no more ambrosia!

Di.No more nectar!

Cu.That beverage
Sickens my stomach.

Ve.No ambrosia! Let these victuals
Be no more served to us.

Pl.A revolution among the gods!
On my soul. No better could occur.
They are right: it is fastidious!
(Showing genuine eatables.)
That's the right stuff, comrades.

Jup.A sedition! Obedience is refused?

All.Yes, yes!

Jup.You loose the respect you owe to
Papa Piter! You refuse to savor of nectar and ambrosia?