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Orphee aux Enfers.


sensitive heart and a weak head—woman that would love me would be very happy—

Eu. He is crazy. Is he not going to relate his love matters to me?

Jo. I have but one fault, madam, and it were better to acknowledge it at once, so that you do not rebuke me in future. I sometimes get inebriated!—

Eu. Ah! the miserable! he is not crazy, he is tight!

Jo. Now, madam, that you know me as well as if you were my mother—

Eu. Not one step more! He is frightful!

Jo. Ah, madame, when I inhabited the earth, I was the son of a great Beotian Prince!

Eu. Well, you have indeed retained something of your former country.



Jo.When I was King of Beotia
I had subjects and soldiers;
But on losing my life
I lost all these worldly goods.
But it is not that which I regret.
What I regret on this day,
It is that I did not select thee
To bestow on thee my love
When I was King of Beotia!


Were I but King of Beotia,
Thou wouldst be my queen indeed;
But I can but imagine now
That I have offered my royal power.
The mightiest ghost, my darling,
Can only give what he possesses.
Accept then, I pray thee,
Under this present envelope,
The heart of a king of Beotia.

Eu. Go away, you smell of wine.

Jo. Oh, that's but an idea of yours, because I just told you I inebriate sometimes.

Eu. Ah, what a tedious time. My life to him who will snatch me from that prison life!



Ju., disguised as a large fly. Is it not mighty cunning? Under that costume one