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" With heavenly power, Lord, defend." —No. 897.

This is found in Dr. Conyers' Collection.

" Shall science distant lands explore." —No. 904.

This is taken from " Jay's Appendix to Dr. Watts, Bath." 1833. It is thought to be by the late Rev. William Jay.

" Ere I sleep, for every favour." —No. 942.

Vide John Cennick, page 169.

" Soul, thy week of toil is ended." —No. 948.

Vide G. R., page 396.

" Great God, as seasons disappear."—952.

Vide Edmund Butcher, page 267.

" Father of love and power."—No. 987.

Vide G. R., page 396.

" Thou sovereign Lord of earth and skies."—No. 989.

This is found in the " Old Congregational," 1836. We have not yet been able to ascertain who is the author of this hymn.

" Great God, where'er we pitch our tent."—No. 990.

Vide John Rippon, D.D., page 253.

"Happy the home when God is there."—No. 991.

This is No. 1087 in the "Sabbath Hymn Book." New York, 1858. A correspondent has pointed out that it closely resembles in form—

" Happy the clime where lives and reigns,"

by Thomas Hastings.

" With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues."—No. 997.

Vide Andrew Kippis, D.D., page 183.

" Swell the anthem, raise the song."—No. 999.

This is found in Dr. William Allen's " Psalms and Hymns," Boston, America, 1835, and it is there given from a" Presbyterian Collection." One verse is omitted in the " New Congregational."