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have apologized to Lord Flumm. The Pottery Question stands for Tuesday; and I should be there, as one of the Committee; and Thursday, your Ladyship knows, is the second reading of the Place and Pension BilL

Lady Flumm. Oh, we are Staffordshire people ! tJiat will excuse you to the pottery folks; and, for Thursday, I mil absolutely take no excuse. We have Pasta and Donzelli ! perhaps a quadrille afterwards — (you dance, Mr. Turnstile ?)

— and Lady Sophia C and her cousin, Lord F y have

said BO much about those beautiful passages at the end of your book, that they will be quite disappointed if I do not keep my promise to introduce them. {Timching hU arm vnth her finger.)

Turnstile, Your Ladyship knows how to conquer : I feel that I cannot refuse. [Ihdt.

Scene VIL — Choavenorsquare ; before Lobd Flumm's


Enter Txtbkstile, from the house,

Turmtile, This is all very delightful ; but what will they say at Shoreditch? — ^twice in one week absent from the House, and at two Tory parties.

Miter Gbibkin, haxtUy^ heated ; Ids hat in, U% left hand ; a

pocket-handkerchief in hie right,

Qriskin, Mr. Turnstile, I'm glad to find you ; just called on you, as I came to this quarter to look after a customer — long way from the CityT-sorry not to hear from you.

TumatUe, Why, really, Mr. Griskin, I am very sorry; but I am not acquainted with the Commander-in-chief. And I must say that I should not know how to press for the con-

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