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have apologized to Lord Flumm. The Pottery Question stands for Tuesday; and I should be there, as one of the Committee; and Thursday, your Ladyship knows, is the second reading of the Place and Pension Bill.

Lady Flumm. Oh, we are Staffordshire people! that will excuse you to the pottery folks; and, for Thursday, I will absolutely take no excuse. We have Pasta and Donzelli! perhaps a quadrille afterwards—(you dance, Mr. Turnstile?)—and Lady Sophia C—— and her cousin, Lord F——, have said so much about those beautiful passages at the end of your book, that they will be quite disappointed if I do not keep my promise to introduce them. (Touching his arm with her finger.)

Turnstile. Your Ladyship knows how to conquer: I feel that I cannot refuse.


Scene VII.Grosvenor-square; before Lord Flumm's house.

Enter Turnstile, from the house.

Turnstile. This is all very delightful; but what will they say at Shoreditch?—twice in one week absent from the House, and at two Tory parties.

Enter Griskin, hastily, heated; his hat in his left hand; a pocket-handkerchief in his right.

Griskin. Mr. Turnstile, I'm glad to find you; just called on you, as I came to this quarter to look after a customer—long way from the City—sorry not to hear from you.

Turnstile. Why, really, Mr. Griskin, I am very sorry; but I am not acquainted with the Commander-in-chief. And I must say that I should not know how to press for the con-