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43. Grant and sealing of patents

(1) Where a complete specification in pursuance of an application for a patent has been accepted and either

a. the application has not been opposed under section 25 and the time for the filing of the opposition has expired; or
b. the application has been opposed and the opposition has been finally decided in favour of the applicant; or
c. the application has not been refused by the Controller by virtue of any power vested in him by this Act,

the patent shall, on request made by the applicant in the prescribed form, be granted to the applicant or, in the case of joint application, to the applicants jointly, and the Controller shall cause the patent to be sealed with the seal of the patent office and the date on which the patent is sealed shall be entered in the register.

(2) Subject to the provisions of sub-section (1) and of the provisions of this Act with respect to patents of addition, a request under this section for the sealing of a patent shall be made not later than the expiration of a period of six months from the date of advertisement of the acceptance of the complete specification:

Provided that –

a. where at the expiration of the said six months any proceeding in relation to the application for the patent is pending before the Controller or the High Court, the request may be made within the prescribed period after the final determination of that proceeding;
b. where the applicant or one of the applicants has died before the expiration of the time within which under the provisions of this sub-section the request could otherwise be made, the said request may be made at any time within twelve months after the date of the death or at such later time as the Controller may allow.

(3) The period within which under sub-section (2) a request for the sealing of a patent may be made, may, from time to time, be extended by the Controller to such longer period as may be specified in an application made to him in that behalf, if the application is made and the prescribed fee paid within that longer period:

Provided that the first mentioned period shall not be extended under this sub-section by more than three months in the aggregate.

Explanation. – For the purposes of this section a proceeding shall be deemed to be pending so long as the time for any appeal therein (apart from any future extension of that time) has not expired, and a proceeding shall be deemed to be finally determined when the time for any appeal therein (apart from any such extension) has expired without the appeal being brought.

44. Amendment of patent granted to deceased applicant

Where at any time after a patent has been sealed in pursuance of an application under this Act, the Controller is satisfied that the person to whom the patent was granted had died,