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this section shall state the nature of the proposed amendment, and shall give full particulars of the reasons for which the application is made.

(3) Every application for leave to amend an application for a patent or a specification under this section made after the acceptance of the complete specification and the nature of the proposed amendment shall be advertised in the prescribed manner.

(4) Where an application is advertised under sub-section (3), any person interested may, within the prescribed period after the advertisement thereof, give notice to the Controller of opposition thereto; and where such a notice is given within the period aforesaid,the Controller shall notify the person by whom the application under this section is made and shall give to that person and to the opponent an opportunity to be heard before he decides the case.

(5) An amendment under this section of a complete specification may be, or include, an amendment of the priority date of a claim.

(6) The provisions of this section shall be without prejudice to the right of an applicant for a patent to amend his specification to comply with the directions of the Controller issued before the acceptance of the complete specification or in the course of proceedings in opposition to the grant of a patent.

58. Amendment of specification before High Court

(1) In any proceeding before the High Court for the revocation of a patent, the High Court may, subject to the provisions contained in section 59, allow the patentee to amend his complete specification in such manner and subject to such terms as to costs, advertisement or otherwise, as the High Court may think fit, and if in any proceedings for revocation the High Court decides that the patent is invalid, it may allow the specification to be amended under this section instead of revoking the patent.

(2) Where an application for an order under this section is made to the High Court, the applicant shall give notice of the application to the Controller, and the Controller shall be entitled to appear and be heard, and shall appear if so directed by the High Court.

(3) Copies of all orders of the High Court allowing the patentee to amend the specification shall be transmitted by the High Court to the Controller who shall on receipt thereof cause an entry thereof and reference thereto to be made in the register.

59. Supplementary provisions as to amendment of application or specification

(1) No amendment of an application for a patent or a complete specification shall be made except by way of disclaimer, correction or explanation, and no amendment thereof shall be allowed, except for the purpose of correcting an obvious mistake, and no amendment of a complete specification shall be allowed the effect of which would be that the specification as amended would claim or describe matter not in substance disclosed in the specification before the amendment, or that any claim of the specification as amended would not fall wholly within the scope of a claim of the specification before the amendment.

(2) Where after the date of advertisement of acceptance of a complete specification, any amendment of the specification is allowed by the Controller or by the High Court,

a. the amendment shall for all purposes be deemed to form part of the specification;
b. the fact that the specification has been amended shall be advertised in the Official Gazette; and
c. the right of the applicant or patentee to make amendment shall not be called in