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The Toltecáyotl was present in all knowledge branches, being and doing of the Anahuac peoples. Its universal values and guiding principles were demonstrated in the individual, family and community construction. The highest Anahuac social purpose was based on the Toltecáyotl, as well as the four elements of the "Anahuac development pyramid": The Food System, the Health System, the Educational System, the Social Organization System and the Legal Regime, were fully united and harmonically linked by the Toltecáyotl.

During the three millennia during which the Anahuac Educational System operated, it probably had variants of the "form", but not the "concept". Because of different cultures, environment, languages and other factors, the education must have had variations, as it is today, but its humanist and spiritual essence, only was changed by the Aztecs, during the last 80 years before the Europeans arrival.