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Motion of the Sun, and solar System.

Table III.

Angles of the parallactic Motion with the Parallel.

Sirius 32° 54' 8",5 south-preceding.
Arcturus 17 23 45,7 south-preceding.
Capella 85 10 3,9 south-following.
Lyra 35 59 49,5 north-following.
Aldebaran 71 21 35,4 south-following.
Procyon 47 43 44,6 south-preceeding.

The difference between these parallactic, and the former apparent angles, with the parallel of each star, will give the required angles for our second figure. They will be as follows.

Table IV.

Angles of the apparent with the parallactic Motion

Sirius 35° 55' 32",2 south-following.
Arcturus 38 5 56,3 south-following.
Capella 13 34 41,5 south-following.
Lyra 20 21 7,8 north-preceding.
Aldebaran 5 8 1,9 south-preceding.
Procyon 2 18 39,9 south-following.

By these angles, with the assistance of the lines s a, whose lengths represent the annual quantity of the apparent motions as given in our former Table, the Figure No. 2 has been constructed. When the situation of these angles is regulated as in that figure, we may draw the several lines m a perpendicular to S P, and, by computation, their value and sum will be obtained as follows.

K k 2