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COUNTESS OF WINCHILSEA 235 �Reduce me to the Nothing, whence I came; �Call back his Favours, faster than he gave ; 180 �And, if but Pardon' d, strip me to my Grave: �Since (tho' he seems to Lose) He surely Wins, Who gives but earthly Comforts for his Sins. �THE SECOND CHAPTER OF THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON PARAPHRASED �The first twelve Verses, being an Introduction �How weak is man, that wou'd himself persuade �Out of his Int'rest, and his Tempter aid; �Mislead by present joys, and human pride, �Wou'd gladly lay his future hopes aside. �Uncloath himself, of all he holds Devine, �And to the Earth, his ashes wou'd confine; �Consent his Soul, all pains on itt to spare, �Shou'd vanish, like the soft, and silent air; �This Doctrine, which in ancient times was penn'd, �Th' industrious Devil, took care shou'd still descend, 10 �And we by Atheists now, the same are told, �Which Israel's wisest Prince, describes of old. �THE CHAPTER BEGINS �Thus reason'd they, said he, but not aright, �Deluded, by the charms of vain delight. �Tho' life be short, how tedious is the day, �Which some new pleasure, does not drive away ? �Death, hastens on, all human things to seize, �And there's no remedy, for that desease; �None from the Grave return, not Moses' Laws, �Have seen him come, to vindicate their cause. 20 �Chance made the World, and the same hand of Chance ��� �