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for the Earl to have the letters patent read to us.

Řehák and Voices.—Let us go to the castle. We must find out.

Karmín (Steps out on balcony).—What’s happening here?

Cries.—Feudalism has fallen! Glory to our Emperor!

Karmín.—Have you eaten henbane that you rave so? In the name of the gracious Earl I announce to you that after tomorrow all field feudalism will be changed to forest and draught service. And that continues for four months until by service ten thousand tall trees have been felled and hauled to Ples.

Kyral.—By all the hells! Instead of the easy field vassalage—heavy forest labor?

Řehák.—We want to hear the edict!

Other Voices.—Yes, yes, read the patent!

Karmín.—Who knows about the patent?

Řehák and Voices.—All of us, all of us!

Karmín (To himself. Trembling).—What devil gave them this news?

Řehák and Voices.—We are no longer in subjection. Feudalism is abolished.

Karmín (Decisively).—You were maliciously deceived. By the Emperor’s decree, nothing is as yet changed.

Řehák and Voices.—That’s a lie!

Karmín.—Only after half a year some changes are to take place. But—

Řehák and Voices.—It’s a lie! It’s a lie! Read us the patent!

Karmín.—The patent is for the nobility not for you! Go back to the meadow and the festivities and cease your rebellion.

Kyral.—To the castle to the Earl! The Earl will tell us the truth!

Karmín.—Don’t one of you dare move a step!

Řehák and Voices.—Let’s go, all of us, let’s go!

Matouš.—I say, neighbor,—I repeat—

Kyral.—We’ll all go. Králíček, Řehák, Výrava!

Karmín.—Don’t go, Výrava! (Hastens away).

Výrava.—Quietly, neighbors, quietly! What is true and right, no one will deny. The Earl is a just nobleman—

Kyral.—Aha, you are so soaked up with the nobles that you are the scourgers’ servant? So, so, hold well to them, that not only out of your son but out of you they may make a would-be