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Richet, C, Chloroform 738
Ring Nebula," To the 90
Rivals, Our Six-footed 196
Rivals, Our Six-footed 349

Salicylic Acid in Rheumatism 248
Sauvage, E., Archer-Fishes 302
Savings-Banks and State Control 238
Saxon, J. W., The Differences of Things 53
Schneider, E., The Tides 226
Science, Denationalizing 126
Science, Logic of 1
Science, Logic of 286
Science, Logic of 604
Science, Logic of 705
Seasons, Alternation of, and Tree-Growth 382
Secchi, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 742
Seeger, Dr. S., Laryngoscope and Rhinoscope. (Illustrated.) 166
Servetus, Michael, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 91
Shaw, G. M., Telephone 559
Simultaneous Contrast of Colors 118
Singing-Flames and Inaudible Vibrations 119
Sirius, The System of. (Illustrated.) 47
Six-footed Rivals, Our 196
Six-footed Rivals, Our 349
Slag, Utilization of 762
Slaves of Ants 116
Smell, Extraordinary Development of Sense of 125
Society, The Science of 367
Solar Photographs 748
Source of Muscular Power 729
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 385
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 545
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 641
Spiders, how they spin 766
Spongy Iron Filters 379
Spontaneous Generation 476
Spontaneous Generation 591
Stagnation of Trade, The Present 106
Stanley's Trip down the Congo 635
Star, or Star-Mist 148
Stature, Human 508
Steam-Engine, Growth of the. (Illustrated.) 15
Steam-Engine, Growth of the. (Illustrated.) 129
Steam-Engine, Growth of the. (Illustrated.) 257
Steam-Engine, Growth of the. (Illustrated.) 446
Steam-Engine, Growth of the. (Illustrated.) 528
Steam-Engine, A New Type of 115
Stoddard, J. L., To the "Ring Nebula" 90
Study, Effects of, on the Eyesight 74
Stupidity, Comparative, of Politicians 162
Style 340
Sugar-Manufacture, New Process of 759
Sun-Spots and their Effects 365
Superstitions, Modern 232

Talking-Machine, Edison's. (Illustrated.) 719
Taste-Perceptions 250
Teachings of a Day 327
Teasel, Common, Sensitiveness of its Leaves 637
Technical Education 570
Telephone, The, and how it works. (Illustrated.) 559