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the sun, flows down over the face and the back of the neck, and anoints them well. This account, although it relates especially to the pastoral races, whose range extends from the northern boundary of Abyssinia and the Nile to the Red Sea, is equally applicable to the tribes of southeastern Nubia. The twelve individuals attached to the Rice-Hagenbeck caravan, from the tribe of Beni Amr, in the southeast, afford a pleasant exemplification of the characteristics noticed by Marno. The illustrations are faithful portraits of members

PSM V17 D529 Adam nod edris and hamid nod mohammed.jpg
Adam nod Edris. Hamid nod Mohammed.
(From Photographs.)

of the party, and give truthful representations of their forms, attitudes, and expressions. They convey no suggestion that these Nubians belong to the negro race, but show, instead, noble features, without flattening of the nose or exaggerated prominence of the jaws. The gentle prognathism and full lips of the figures remind us of the ancient Egyptian profile, the nose of the Semitic type. Their dark-brown skin does not disturb the pleasant impression which their fig-