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principal philological journals of Europe, and keeps watch over the fragmentary and occasional literature to which the isolated American scholar seldom has full access. The present number has an article on "Recent Investigations of Grimm's Law," by H. C. G. Brandt; three articles on Greek and Latin subjects, by F. D. Allen, C. D. Morris, and M. W. Humphreys; and two on French subjects, by B. F. O'Connor and Samuel Garner.

First Annual Report of the Department of Statistics and Geology of the State of Indiana, 1879, to the Governor. Indianapolis: Douglass & Carlon. Pp. 515.

This report embraces ninety-nine tables of agricultural, mercantile, manufacturing, financial, and other statistics, by counties and townships. The report of the Indiana State Health Commission, which is embodied with the general report, embraces papers on "Health in the Schoolroom," by President Moss, of the State University; "Topography and Climate," by Professor Campbell, of Wabash College; "Decomposing Organic Matter, Sewage, and Drainage," by Dr. G. W. Burton; "The Influence of Popular Customs, Habits, and Heredity, on Public Health and Morals," by Dr. J. W. Hervey; and "The Influence of Geology upon Local Diseases," by E. T. Cox, late State Geologist.

Macmillan & Co. have in press, for publication in the early fall, a book which is likely to be of value to the medical profession, and of advantage to the general public; it is entitled "Food for Invalids," and is written by Dr. J. Milner Fothergill, of London, and Dr. H. C. Wood, of Philadelphia.

Henry George's "Progress and Poverty" has been translated into German by F. Gutschon, and will be shortly published by Stude, of Berlin.




Report to the Trustees of the "James Lick Trust" of Observations made on Mount Hamilton, with reference to the Location of Lick Observatory. By S. W. Burnham. Illustrated. Chicago: Knight & Leonard. 1880. Pp. 32.

Quarterly Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics relative to Imports and Exports, Immigration, and Navigation of the United States, for the Three Months ending March 31, 1880. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1880. Pp. 190.

Adirondack Survey: Report on Iron Deposits, etc. By George Chahoon. Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. 1880. Pp. 16.

Electricity: Elementary Guide-Book for Practical Experiments and Self-Study. By Professor Curt W. Meyer. With Illustrations. New York. 1880. Pp. 25. 25 cents.

The Claims of Science, for its own Sake, upon the Medical Profession. Address, by Professor John W. Mallet, M. D., of the University of Virginia. Baltimore: J. W. Borst & Co. 1880. Pp. 28.

Medical Science in Conflict with Materialism. By Eugene Grissom, M. D., LL.D. Wilmington, N. C.: Jackson & Bell. 1880. Pp. 31.

Notes on the Flowering of Saxifraga Sarmentosa. By Professor J. E. Todd. Reprint from "American Naturalist." Illustrated. Pp. 6.

Ophthalmic Operations, with Remarks on After-Treatment, By A. Sibley Campbell, M. D. Augusta, Ga. Pp. 35.

The Laterite of the Indian Peninsula. By W. J. McGee. Reprint from "The Geological Magazine." Pp. 4.

Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the. Chicago Astronomical Society, with Report of the Director of the Dearborn Observatory. Illustrated. Chicago: Knight & Leonard. 1880. Pp. 16.

Review of Stratigraphical Geology of Eastern Ohio. By Professor Edward Orton. Columbus: Nevins & Myers. 1880. Pp. 33.

American Natural Cement. By F. O. Norton. Illustrated. Pp. 18.

Circulars of Information of the Bureau of Education. No. 2. 1880. Washington: Government Printing-office. 1880. Pp. 111.

Introduction to the Study of Mortuary Customs among the North American Indians. By Dr. H. C. Yarrow. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1880. Pp. 114.

What to do First in Accidents or Poisoning. By Charles W. Dalles. M. D. Illustrated. Philadelphia: Presley Blakiston. 1880. Pp. 70. 50 cents.

The Skin in Health and Disease. By L. Duncan Bulkley, M. D. Philadelphia: Presley Blakiston. 1680. Pp. 148. 50 cents.

Manual of Hydraulic Mining for the Use of the Practical Miner. By T. F. Van Wagener, E. M. New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1880. Pp. 93.

The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel: External Evidences. By Ezra Abbott, D. D., LL.D. Boston: George H. Ellis. 1880. Pp. 104. 75 cents.

Qualitative Chemical Analysis: a Guide in the Practical Study of Chemistry and in the Work of Analysis. By Silas H. Douglas, M. A., M. D., and Albert B. Prescott, M. D., F. C. S. With a Study of Oxidation and Reduction by Otis Coe Johnson, M. A. New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1880. Pp. 305.

Deep-Sea Sounding and Dredging: a Description and Discussion of the Methods and Appliances used on Board the Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer "Blake." By Charles D. Sigsbee, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. N. Illustrated. Washington: Government Printing-office. 1880. Pp. 200.