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Currents, Atmospheric, and Carbonic Acid 421

Daly, Chief Justice, Recent Geographical Exploration 171
Dampness and Diphtheria 281
Damposcope, The 282
Darwin, Francis, Climbing Plants 635
Deformity, Fashion in. (Illustrated.) 721
Delpech, Dr., the Infectious and Contagious Diseases of Children 249
Desert, Central Arabian, Features of the 281
Diamonds, Artificial 259
Diamonds, Artificial, Production of 861
Disease, Water in 854
Distribution of Plants, On the Modes of 365
Diving-Process, Mr. Fleuss's New 575
Dogs, Domestic, Origin of 420
Dog, Thread-Worm of the 860
Dress, in Relation to Health 182
Dust, A Shower of 553
Dust, Atmospheric 344

Earth, The Interior of the 289
Earth, The Interior of the 453
Earthquakes, A Systematic Investigation of 429
Echoes in Buildings 141
Editor's Table 121
Editor's Table 265
Editor's Table 406
Editor's Table 554
Editor's Table 693
Editor's Table 843
Education as an Aid to the Health to Women 823
Electrical Experiment, An, of the Eighteenth Century 422
Electric Light, The, and Vegetation 283
Electric Light, The Jablochkoff, in London 706
Electricity and Agriculture 664
England, Coöperation in 742
Engler, E. A., the Carbon Button 10
Energy, The Availability of 244
Enigma, A Zoölogical 359
Epidemics 425
Equatorial Temperatures 715
Ethics, Scientific, A Vindication of 324
Europe, The Winter in 136
"Evolution admitted, what then?" 409
Explanation, An 571
Exploration, Recent Geographical 171
Explosion, A Remarkable Coal-Mine 429
Eyesight of Readers, The 711

Fairchild, Herman L. 224
Fairchild, Herman L. 600
Farbenlehre, Goethe's 215
Farbenlehre, Goethe's 312
Fashion in Deformity 721
Feet of Chinese Women, Compression of 712
Ferment, A Fossil 138
Fetich-Worship and Witchcraft, African 428
Fison, Lorimer, Views of Primitive Marriage 203
Flower, William Henry, Fashion in Deformity 721