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Forests, Silicified, of the Yellowstone Park 570
Fossil Man, The 350

Glass, to pierce, with the Electric Spark 285
Geology and History 495
Geology, Studies in Experimental 200
George, Henry, the Kearney Agitation in California 433
Germs, Destruction of Infectious 828
Goatman, E. A., Letter from 405
Goethe and the Artistic Study of Nature 406
God and Nature 27
Green, Traill, Letter from 552
Griffin, La Eoy F., Animals and the Faculty of Direction 692
Halstead, George B., Algebras, Spaces, Logics 516

Harvard Medical Course, The 716
Harvard, Recent Original Work at 482
Haynes, Henry W., the Fossil Man 350
Health-Cure, The, as a Remedy for Adversity 574
Heat-Engines, Possible Efficiency of 831
Heliograph, Messages by 716
Herbert, Hon. Auberon, State Education: a Help or Hindrance? 585
Hicks, J. D., Letter from 552
Higgs, Dr. Paget, Electricity and Agriculture 664
Hitchcock, J. R. W., Recent Original Work at Harvard 482
Hoffmann, Frederick, Sketch of Friedrich Mohr 402
Horses, Managing, by Electricity 139
How Animals digest. (Illustrated.) 600
How Animals eat 224
Human Race, The Crossing of the 166
Huxley, Professor T. H. 337
Huxley, Professor T. H. 467
Hybrids, Fertility of 858
Hygieopolis, A Chinese 287
Hysteria and Demonism 86
Hysteria and Demonism 155
Hysteria and Demonism 376

Iceland 710
Iles, George, Coöperation in England 742
Illusions and Apparitions 571
India-Rubber Industries 802
Ingersoll, Ernest, the Buffalo and his Fate 40
Intelligence, Animal 287
Insects, Bacteria as Destroyers of 93
Insects, How they direct their Flight 114
Insects in Libraries 286
Insect-Powders as Remedies for Flies and the Aphis 282
Ivins, William M., Comparative Jurisprudence 577

James, Joseph F., on the Modes of Distribution of Plants 365
Japanese, Stature of the 142
Jones, William, Legal Prosecutions of Animals 619
Joy, Professor Charles A., Biographical Sketch of Frederick Wöhler 539
Jurisprudence, Comparative 577