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Kafiristan, The Kafirs of 138
Kingsley, J. S. 531

Lake Erie, Origin of 136
Lamp, The Bunsen. (Illustrated.) 378
Lansing, Gerrit L. 721
Larrabee, W. H. 289
Larrabee, W. H. 621
Lawes, Rev. W. G. 324
Leprosy, Hawaiian 567
Le Sueur, W. D. 615
Libraries, Free Circulating 698
Life, Human, The Duration of 95
Literary Notices 127
Literary Notices 275
Literary Notices 409
Literary Notices 557
Literary Notices 700
Literary Notices 847
Lockwood, Professor Samuel 477
Longevity, Antediluvian 842
Lounsbury, Professor T. R. 117
Lubbock, Sir John 65
Lubbock, Sir John 193
Lyell, Sir Charles. (Portrait.) 591

Macleod, H. Duncan 735
Malarial Organisms 857
Mammalian Foot, Development of the 572
Mammoth Cave 284
Mammoth Cave, Scientific Exploration of 403
Map, A Review 225
Marriage and the Family, are they in Danger? 713
Marsh, Professor O. C. 312
Materialism and Positivism 615
Matter, A Little 538
Mead, C. M., Letter from 842
Meteoric Stones, Discovery of Organic Remains in 83
Meteorites, Organic Remains in 568
Meunier, Stanislas 655
Meunier, Stanislas 778
Microbes, A Glossary of 718
Militancy and Industrialism in Virginia 271
Mind, The Practical Study of 554
Moon, Mountains of the 688
Moon, Mountains of the 830
Morality? Has Science yet found a New Basis for 753
Morality, Scientific, Goldwin Smith on 844
Morris, Charles 609
Morse, Professor Edward S. 528
Morselli, Henry, M.D. 220
Mound-Builders, Identity of the Indians and the 267
Mound-Builders, Inscriptions of the 421
Mound-Builders, Who were the 137

Nature, The Available Energy of 87
Negro, Intellectual Condition of the Savage 139
Nervous Conditions, Muscular Expression of 584
New Guinea and its People. (Illustrated.) 324
North America in the Ice Period 229