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Terra del Fuegians in Paris 285
Thomson, Wyville 286
Thought, Liberty of 60
"Thought-Reading," A Note on 634
Times, More Signs of the 545
Tobaccoism 284
Topmost Country, The, of the Earth 527
Training-School, Manual, The Functions of an American 621
Tree-Planting, Methods and Profit of 1
Trees, Forest and Shade, Insect Enemies of 280
Tree, The, that bears Quinine 100
Tribe, Jewish, A Newly Discovered 710
Trout, Piseco Lake, and T-Lake Falls 424
Tubercle, The Bacilli of 712
Tubercular Disease, The Cause of 257
Tunnel, What Perils might come out of a 718
Tyndall, Professor 257
Tyndall, Professor 462

Underhill, Mrs. Z. D. 376
Units, Electric 142
Vessels, Armored, A New Plan for 857

Vibration of Rocks 406
Vibrations, Transmission of 428
Villages, Large, Sewerage of 277
Virchow, Professor Rudolf, Sketch of, with Portrait 836
Vivisection, The Ethics of 344
Vivisection, What has been gained by 140
Volcano, An Artificial 140
Volcano, The Mysterious, of Apo 429
Volcanoes, Mud, in Sicily 569

Wallace, Alfred Russel 20
Walterhfer, Dr. Otto 370
Water, Sound-Shadows in 420
Water, Tastes and Smells in 573
Waters, Mineral, The Formation of Saline 826
Wealthy Scientific Investigators 696
White, Francis Emily, M.D. 361
Whitening of the Hair, Sudden 520
Wiley, Professor Harvey W. 500
Wilks, Dr. Samuel 344
Williams, W. Mattieu 650
Williams, W. Mattieu 785
Wilson, Dr. Andrew 480
Wilson, Dr. Andrew 753
Winter, W. H. T. 513
Woman Question: A Reply to Miss Hardaker on the 70
Wood-Ducks, habits of 713
Woodward, Professor C. M., Ph.D. 621
Word-Blindness 574

Zuñi, The, Social, Mythic, and Religious Systems 186