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would be likely to act somewhat like four screw-propellers, one behind the other, on an ocean-steamer. The mechanism was to be driven by a steam-engine. The dark object suspended below may be ballast to counteract any superfluous energy of the steam.

PSM V28 D025 Landell flying machine.jpg
Fig. 5.—Landell's Flying-Machine,

In 1868 Mr. Stringfellow built and exhibited a model of a flying-machine at the Crystal Palace, in London, where it took a prize. There are three aëro-planes, one above the other, with a broad tail behind. As in Henson's machine, no provision was made for lifting it

PSM V28 D025 Stringfellow flying machine.jpg
Fig. 6.—Stringfellow's Flying-Machine.

from the ground, the power being applied simply to produce or keep up horizontal velocity, the reaction of the air against the inclined planes serving to sustain the weight.

At the exhibition the model ran down an inclined wire, but refused to rise into the air. It weighed only twelve pounds, including