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Books noticed: PAGE
Society for Political Education. Questions for Debate 569
Sonrel, A., and J. W. Fewkes. The Anatomy of Astrangia Danæ 565
Stearns, R. E. O. Ethno-Conchology: A Study of Primitive Money 711
Steinitz, W. The Modern Chess Instructor. Part I 127
Stillman, J. W. God and the Universe 569
Sun and Shade 130
Symonds, Brandreth. Manual of Chemistry 128
Taylor, Thomas. Twelve Edible Mushrooms 272
Thackeray, S. W. The Land and the Community 559
Thomas, Cyrus. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices 269
Thomas, Cyrus. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices 272
Tillman, S. E. Elementary Lessons on Heat 128
Torrey, Bradford. A Rambler's Lease 564
True, Frederick W. A Review of the Family Delphinidæ 271
Upham, W. Glaciation of Mountains in New England and New York 712
"Marine Shells in the Till near Boston 712
"The Structure of Drumlins 712
Wachsmuth, C. and F. Springer. Discovery of the Ventral Structure of Taxocrinus and Haplocrinus 713
Ward, H. M. Timber and some of its Diseases 708
Ward, L. F. Some Social and Economic Paradoxes 855
Wells, David A. Recent Economic Changes 413
White, C. A. Invertebrate Fossils from the Pacific Coast 566
"The North American Mesozoic 565
Willard, Miss F. E. The Year's Bright Chain 855
Winchell, N. H. Natural Gas in Minnesota 712
Winslow, Arthur. Geology of the Coal Regions of Arkansas 129
Woodward, R. S. Formulas and Tables to facilitate the Construction of Maps 566
"Latitudes and Longitudes of Certain Points in Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico 566
"On the Form and Position of the Sea-Level 566
Botany as a Disciplinary Study. (Misc.) 716

Bottle, a Glass, The Evolution of.* C. Hanford Henderson 154
Bridge, the Modern Railway, The Evolution of.* C. D. Jameson 461
Brooks, W. K. The Lucayan Indians* 88
Browne, James Crichton. Responsibility in Mental Disease 81

Cahall, William C. The Royal Society of England 226
Cambodia, A Glance at. (Misc.) 428
Cat-Goddess, The City of the. (Misc.) 281
Cave Life, The Effect of, on Animals. A. S. Packard 389
Chemical Prologue, A. C. H. Henderson 668
Chemist's, A, Services to Mankind. (Misc.) 574
Chidsey, Charles E. The Mysterious Music of Pascagoula 791
Children, Mental and Physical Training of. Jessie O. Waller 213
"The Law's Neglect of. (Misc.) 131
Chinese Problem, New Phases of the. W. B. Farwell 181
Chinese Silk-Lore.* Tcheng-Ki-Tong 500
Chinese Theory of Evolution, The.* A. M. Fielde 397
Chrysanthemums.* J. Dybowski 531