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Rainfall on "The Plains." S. O. Henry 535
Reece, Benjamin. Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice 319
Refrigeration by Ammonia. (Misc.) 860
Remonstrance, A. H. W. (Corr.) 408
Reproductive Power in Animals, Conditions affecting the. James H. Stoller 48
Reproductive Power of Animals, Environment and the. C. A. Peple. (Corr.) 409
Responsibility in Mental Disease. James Crichton-Browne 81
Richet, Charles. Long Fastings and Starvation 538
Rittenhouse, David, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 835
Rochas, A. De. Alchemist's Gold 814
Rotifera, Distribution of. (Misc.) 281
Royal Society, The, of England. W. C. Cahall 226

Science in Domestic Economy. (Editor's Table) 123
Science in the High School. D. S. Jordan 721
Sea and Land, The Struggle of. V. Hilber 222
Shrews, Concerning.* F. A. Fernald 663
Silurian, The Name, in Geology. J. D. Dana. (Misc.) 276
Sleeplessness, Remedies for. (Misc.) 426
Sliding Railway, The. (Misc.) 862
Sloyd: its Aim, Method, and Results.* F. B. Arngrimsson 784
Slums, The Human Factor in. (Misc.) 142
Snow-Blindness. (Misc.) 575
Socialists, A Fallacy of the. J. L. Taylor. (Corr.) 699
Sound-Shadows, Sensitive Flames and.* W. Le Conte Stevens 36
Speech and Song. Morell Mackenzie. I. Speech 99
""II. Song 242
Spencer, Herbert. Absolute Political Ethics 608
"Letters on the Land Question 334
"Letters on the Land Question 507
Spheres, Pictured, The Meaning of. J. C. Houzeau 688
Spiders, Mental Powers of. (Misc.) 141
Spiders' Webs, Raining. (Misc.) 863
Spirits, Evil, A Chase of. (Misc.) 137
Spirits, The Indwelling, of Men. A. B. Ellis 794
Stevens, W. Le Conte. Sensitive Flames and Sound-Shadows* 36
"Sketch of John Le Conte. (With Portrait) 112
Stoker's Life, A. (Misc.) 140
Stoller, James H. Conditions affecting the Reproductive Power in Animals 48
Stone Implements, How, were made. (Misc.) 280
Storage-Battery, Is the Human Body a? Hyland C. Kirk 76
Stosz, Wilhelm. Northern Lights 801
Strahan, C. Morton. A Harvest from the Ocean 377
Suspension Bridge, Rigidity of the. (Corr.) G. Lindenthal 844
Suspension of Vitality in Animals. V. Laporte 257

Tahl-tan Indians, The, of British Columbia. (Misc.) 860
Taouist Religion, The. W. G. Benton 329
Tapestries. (Misc.) 571
Tapioca. (Misc.) 284
Taylor, James L. A Fallacy of the Socialists. (Corr.) 699