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Earthquake, The, of October, 1891, in Japan. (Corr.) J. K. Goodrich 696
"The Great, of Port Royal.* A. B. Ellis 774
Education and Ethics. (Editor's Table) 698
"An Experiment in. M. A. Aber 377
"An Experiment in. M. A. Aber 517
"The Preparatory Stage in, (Misc.) 567
Egyptian Identifications. (Misc.) 283
Electricity in Relation to Science. W. Crookes 497
Ellis, A. B. Great Earthquake, The, of Port Royal* 774
Eskimos, Stolidness of. (Misc.) 141
Ether, Nature of the. (Misc.) 430
Ethics, The, of Confucius. W. G. Benton 87
Evans, E. P. Progress and Perfectibility in the Lower Animals 170
"Ways, The, of Bees. (Corr.) 841
Evolution and Intelligence. (Editor's Table) 700
"and its Assailants. (Editor's Table) 414
"Intelligence and the Belief in. (Corr.) J. R. Thurston 696
Examinations, A Defense of. (Misc.) 710
Exhibition, An American, in Spain. (Misc.) 860

Fernald, Frederik A. Righting the Bicycle.* (Corr.) 267
Ferrel, William, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) W. M. Davis 686
Flowers, Origin of the Colors of. (Misc.) 717
Flying-machine, The Aviator.* G. Trouvé 392
Folk-lore Tales, Origin of. (Misc.) 430
Forest Reproduction in New England 283
"Growth after Fire. (Misc.) 857
Forests, Offices of. (Misc.) 566
Fossil Insects. (Misc.) 567

Gems, The, of the Ancients. (Misc.) 713
Geology, Do we teach? R. T. Hill 41
Glacial Formations, Classification of. (Misc.) 430
"Groovings, Remarkable. (Corr.) D. S. Marvin 842
Glaciers, Alpine, Oscillations of. (Misc.) 717
Goodale, George Lincoln. Some of the Possibilities of Economic Botany 57
Goodale, George Lincoln. Some of the Possibilities of Economic Botany 207
Goodrich, J. King. Earthquake, The, of October, 1891, in Japan. (Corr.) 696
Grammar-school Programme, Changes in the. (Misc.) 424
Graveyard Soil, Contamination of. (Misc.) 570
Guilds, Mediæval. (Misc.) 863
Guillemin, Amédée. Communication with the Planets 361
Guyot-Daubes. Stilts and Stilt-walking* 467
Gymnastics, Homely. A. B. Tweedy 524

Harvard Observatory Time-Service. (Misc.) 854
Health, Little Annoyances and. (Misc.) 428
"Safeguards of. (Editor's Table) 844
Henderson, C. H. Nationalization, The, of University Extension 500
"University Extension 1
Herbert, Auberon, and H. Wager. Bad Air and Bad Health 814
High Life 108