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Hudson, William H. Herbert Spencer and the Synthetic Philosophy 1
Huggins, William, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 260
Huxley, T. H. The Decline of Bibliolatry 594
Hypnotism as a Remedy. (Misc.) 564

Illegitimacy, Ratios of. (Misc.) 570
India-rubber Trees. (Misc.) 143
Indian Beauty, Types of. (Misc.) 863
Indian Trade, Influence of the. (Misc.) 282
Inebriety, Specifics for the Cure of. T. D. Crothers 732
Infectious Diseases: Causation and Immunity. G. M. Sternberg 616
Influenza, Weather and. (Misc.) 564
Intellectual Culture, Means of. (Editor's Table) 124

Janes, Lewis G. The Relation of Biology to Sociology 206
Jardin des Plantes, Origin of the. (Misc.) 713
Jastrow, Joseph. Further Study of Involuntary Movements.* 636

Kanjutis. (Misc.) 284
Kilmer, George L. First Actions of Wounded Soldiers 155
Kindergartens Manual Training Industrial Schools. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett 375
Kingfisher. (Misc.) 286
Kingsley, J. S. The Marine Biological Laboratory* 604
Korean Mountains and Mountaineers. C. W. Campbell 229
Kropotkin, Prince. Recent Science 811

Lake Beaches. (Misc.) 431
"Waters, Temperature of. (Misc.) 427
Land, the Dry, The Waste and Gain of 403
Language and Brain Disease.* H. T. Pershing 775
Larrabee, W. H. Cave Dwellings of Men.* 27
Latitude, Oscillations in. (Misc.) 141
"Secular and Periodic Changes in. (Misc.) 862
Law, The, and the Doctors. (Editor's Table) 267
Leather-making.* G. A. Rich 339
Leaves, Primary Color of. (Misc.) 137
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. Genesis of the Diamond. (Corr.) 412
Lightning, Curious Accident by. (Misc.) 863
Locusts, Our Destructive. (Misc.) 566
Lung-fish. (Misc.) 567

McMurrich, J. Playfair. More about the Penikese School. (Corr.) 412
McRae, Charles. Michael Servetus: Reformer, Physiologist, and Martyr 519
Magnifying Glasses in Antiquity. (Misc.) 716
Man, The Animal View of 256
Marine Biological Laboratory, The.* J. S. Kingsley 604
Masrium, The New Element. (Misc.) 861
Meteoric Iron. (Misc.) 140
Meteorological Discovery, A Chapter in. J. C. Adams 787
Meteorological Poet. (Misc.) 285