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A monograph on The Humming-Birds, forming part of the Report of the National Museum, for 1890, has been prepared by Robert Ridgway. It comprises a general zoölogical account of this group of birds, followed by descriptions of the several species found in the United States. The text is illustrated by forty-six plates and about fifty cuts.

An ingenious system of writing, signaling, and cryptography, to which he has given the name Cosmography, is described in a small pamphlet by 'Charles G. Burke (124 Nassau Street, New York). On a scale of three horizontal lines, using a dot, two slanting and one vertical marks, any language having not more than twenty-eight letters may be written in cosmography. The dot and three marks, if placed below the first line of the scale, stand for a, d, e, and b respectively; if on the first line, they stand for e, h, g, and f, and so on. In telegraphing, one, two, three, and four dots may take the place of the characters, and one, two, and three dashes may indicate the lines. An instrument consisting of a lettered dial with arms, called the "cosmograph," embodies the system in a mechanical form.

The First Book of Electricity and Magnetism (Macmillan & Co.) is designed to precede the usual elementary text-books in this study. The author, W. Perren Maycock, has felt the need as a teacher of interesting beginners, who are often discouraged by technical language. The subject of the magnet is entered upon at once; the explanations are clear, simple, and fully illustrated. Other divisions of the work besides magnetism are: electricity in motion, and electricity at rest. An index, list of apparatus, and blank pages for notes are furnished, as well as questions for teachers.


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