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schoolboy trick by bending the wrist forcibly inward, and thus mechanically stretching the extensor tendons of the fingers. In this picture the action of the serratus magnus muscle in drawing

PSM V42 D784 The fall of man.jpg
Fig. 15.—The Fall of Man. (After Raphael's picture in the Loggia of the Vatican, Rome.) The position of Eve's left arm illustrates the action of the fifth cervical nerve, and that of her left hand the commencement of action of the first dorsal nerve. The position of Adam's left arm shows the action of the sixth cervical. The action of the hallux is well shown in Eve's right and Adam's left foot.

forward the shoulder and rotating the scapula so as to raise the shoulder is well seen, and the action of the muscle appears almost exaggerated. We have already found that it gets a branch from