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Cahall. W. C. The Scientific Societies of Italy 107
Camphor. (Misc.) 863
Canadian Names and Places (Misc.) 281
Canine Morals and Manners. L. Robinson 171
Cannibalism. Prehistoric, in America. A. N. Somers 203
Carter, Miss Agnes L. To tie a Rope of Sand 248
Carter Miss Alice. Color in Flowering Plants 75
Chaga (Mount Kilimanjaro) and its Inhabitants (Misc.) 138
Character, The Formation of. (Editor's Table) 263
Cholera. Dirt and. (Misc.) 422
"Epidemics Prevention of. (Editor's Table) 125
"Protective Inoculation for. S. T. Armstrong 223
Civilization and the Art, The Evolution of. G. Le Bon 342
Claypole E. W. Prof. G. F. Wright and his Critics 764
Coal-borings at Manchester, England, Curious feature of. (Misc.) 143
Colleges, Science and the. D. S. Jordan 721
Color Blindness, Origin of. (Misc.) 428
Comet, A Captive.* C. L. Poor 350
Communication. Symbolical. (Misc.) 855
Correlation, The, of Structure, Action and Thought.* T. L. Branton 749
Cramer, Frank. The Logic of Organic Evolution 384
Crustacean's Shell, The. (Misc.) 570
Cultivation of Sunflowers. (Misc.) 569
Customs, East Central African, J. Macdonald 689
Cycling, Intemperance in (Misc.) 571

Deafness and the Care of the Ears, A. M. Fanning 211
Devolution of the Little Toes. (Misc.) 280
Diet, The "Typical American." (Misc.) 143
Donald, J. T. Nickel an and its Uses 252
Duncan, Sara Jeannette. Eurasia 1

Economists, Modern, Fallacies of. A. Kitson 228
Education of our Colored Citizens. M. W. Goodwin 789
"Public-school, President Eliot on. (Editor's Table) 554
"The Natural or Scientific Method in.* W. Mills 10
Electric Railways, Early. (Misc.) 420
"Units (Misc.) 426
Ellis A. B. Marriage and Kinship among the Ancient Israelites 325
"White Slaves and Bond Servants in the Plantations 612
Engineer's Work, Ethics in. (Misc.) 428
Epileptics, The Story of a Colony for. E. Sellers 663
Eskimo Woman's Knife, The. (Misc.) 421
Ethical Association, The Brooklyn. L. G. Janes 671
Eurasia. S. J. Duncan 1
Evans E. P. The Æsthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in Animals 472
"Modern Instances of Demoniacal Possession 159
Evolution, Organic, The Logic of. F. Cramer 384