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Fairs, The Great World's, Extent of. (Misc.) 712
Fanning, Abram Mills, M. D. Deafness and the Care of the Ears 211
Farm, The Rotation of the. A. Morgan 377
Field, Cyrus W. (Misc.) 287
Fig Tree, A Remarkable. (Misc.) 573
Flowering Plants. Color in. Miss A. Carter 75
Folk Lore. The Material of. (Misc.) 717
Forestry Division, Work of the. (Misc.) 429

Geographical Development of Coast Lines. (Misc.) 282
Geological Catastrophes, Reality of. (Misc.) 279
"Collection, The, of the National Museum. (Misc.) 140
Ghost, The Everlasting. (Editor's Table) 701
Gifford, John. Traces of a Vanished Industry 827
Glacial Discoveries, Recent, in England. (With Map) 169
"Moraines in Illinois and Indiana. (Misc.) 142
"Researches, Recent, in England. (Corr.) Mrs. J. F. Lewis 700
Glacier, the Lucie. The Liver from. (Misc.) 715
Glaciers. Periodical Variations of. (Misc.) 572
Glass Industry, The* C. H. Henderson 433
Glass Industry, The* C. H. Henderson 577
Globe, the Age of the. Sir Archibald Geikie on. (Misc.) 137
Goodwin, Maud Wilder. Education of our Citizens 789
Gouley. John W. S , M. D. The Early Extirpation of Tumors 337
Graphite and Lead-pencils. (Misc.) 141
Grecian Culture, The Environment of. G. Perrott 193
Grosse, Eduard. The First German Paper-maker* 94
Guthrie. Frederick. Science Teaching 520

Habits of Pogonia Ophioglossoides. (Corr.) M. P. Robinson 701
Haida Indian Pole-raising A. (Misc.) 283
Hair, Will the Coming Woman lose her? Miss E. F. Andrews 370
Hallock, P. F. Profits of Legitimate Business not too Large 392
Halsted, Byron D. Some Vegetable Malformations* 318
Hare, Robert. Sketch of. (With Portrait) 695
Henderson, C. Hanford. The Glass Industry* 433
Henderson, C. Hanford. The Glass Industry* 577
Hill. David J. The Festal Development of Art 734
Hill, Robert T. Artesian Waters in the Arid Region* 599
Hoffmann, Fred. The Scheele Monument at Stockholm* 685
Home Landscape. (Misc.) 858
Hopi (Indian) Baby, A. (Misc.) 570
Hypnotic and Verbal Suggestion, Power of. (Misc.) 426

Ice Age. What caused the? (Misc.) 286
Implements. Prehistoric Copper. (Misc.) 137
Indian Girl's Life. An. (Misc.) 421
Industry, a Vanished, Traces of. J. Gifford 827
Insects injurious to Fruit. (Misc.) 425
Irrigation in Australia. (Misc.) 857

Janes, Lewis G., M. D. The Brooklyn Ethical Association 671