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feet. It was in the face of the bank behind this mass that Mr. Mills's eye, so long trained for the detection of artificially chipped flints, discovered the implement under consideration, which he removed with his own hands, and placed in his collection, with PSM V43 D048 Ground layer cross section of paleolithic finds.jpgFig. 8. little thought at the time of the significance attaching to the position in which it was found. The accompanying map of the vicinity and drawing of the bank were made by Mr, Mills at the time of our visit, and furnish, with the photograph, all the additional information necessary.

There is no possibility of mistake concerning the undisturbed character of the gravel from which Mr. Mills took the implement, and observed by him.

These facts, submitted at the meeting of the Western Reserve Historical Society referred to, were fully detailed upon the spot

PSM V43 D048 Topography of the exposed terrace of the finds.jpg
Fig. 9.—Height of Terrace exposed, 25 feet. Palæolith was found 143/4 feet from surface.

to myself and a party of gentlemen, consisting of Judge C. C. Baldwin, E. A. Angell, Esq., William Gushing, Esq., all lawyers of eminence, and Mr. David Baldwin, who accompanied me in a